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VIZOR is an ITIL Certified IT Service and Asset Management Solution.

IT Asset Management - VIZOR manages the complete IT asset lifecycle with a central repository combining network discovery and inventory data with purchase, warranty and maintenance details. Allocation of assets to employees and locations is simplified so you always know exactly who has what.

ServiceDesk - Feature rich helpdesk issue tracking solution ideal for both IT end user and customer support. Out-of-the-box functionality facilitates ITIL best practices for incident and change management with powerful email integration, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Knowledge Base, teamworking, automatic ticket assignment and a self-service portal. . Available on-premise or in the cloud.

Software & License Management - Manage your software assets including licenses, maintenance contracts, and cloud subscriptions, in one central location. Manage requests through approval and provisioning processes, ensure license compliance and maintain control over software expenditure. Receive timely reminders when maintenance contracts and cloud subscriptions are due for renewal. Stay informed on current and forecast expenditure with powerful analytics reporting.

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Beneficios clave de VIZOR IT Asset Management

Track The Complete IT Asset Lifecycle
Vizor Assets allows the organization to track the complete lifecycle of assets, from employee request, through approval, procurement, provisioning and eventual retirement. Notifications keep managers informed on lifecycle processes, informing security compliance officers of lost assets and escalating the repair of assets with suppliers.

Who Has What
Knowing who has what asset provides department and asset managers with full asset visibility and allows for optimal IT asset management. Assets can easily be allocated to employees and should an employee leave, asset recovery is ensured. Reports on assets further assist managers in planning roll outs, upgrades and end of life scenarios.

Asset Location Tracking
Vizor Assets tracks where assets are located, with support for hierarchies including buildings, campuses, and even specific rooms or floors. Assets can also be checked in and out in the system so managers know where they are located at all times; for instance, when an employee needs to borrow a laptop or other device.

Network Device Discovery & Inventory
Vizor Assets comes with a PC Discovery auditing capability for organizations without an existing IT asset inventory solution. Vizor’s Discovery tool finds and audits all assets on a network, including laptops, printers, routers and switches. This provides a full inventory for the organization and brings all asset purchasing information into a central location.

Integration With Microsoft SCCM & Active Directory
Vizor Assets leverages and complements your existing PC discovery and configuration management infrastructure. Asset information from third party solutions such as Microsoft System Centre Configuration Manager can quickly and easily be imported into the system to be managed.

Purchase & Supplier Information
Vizor Assets manages all asset purchasing information, including service and maintenance contracts, purchasing agreements and supplier information. Purchase information held in existing solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics and Excel can easily be integrated and displayed alongside asset details. Information regarding the depreciation of assets is also stored and monitored in the system.

Email Alerts & Reminders
Vizor Assets provides timely email alerts and reminders to inform managers on the status of their assets. Notifications may be sent to the appropriate team if assets are out for repair or lost. In addition, new asset requests and hardware warranty expiries can be sent to managers via email.

Documentation File Repository
The system provides a central and secure repository for all documentation and contracts related to the firm’s IT assets. Having asset warranties and contracts in one place helps managers stay on top of asset lifecycles, and ensures that assets are repaired and replaced when needed.

Dashboards & Reports
Dashboards and reports in Vizor Assets are user customizable and provide IT and asset managers with all the information they need to ensure assets are properly managed. Managers may forecast future costs by asset, application, vendor or user within the system.


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Las 5 mejores alternativas a VIZOR IT Asset Management


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VIZOR IT Asset Management Software - 1 VIZOR IT Asset Management Software - 2 VIZOR IT Asset Management Software - 3 VIZOR IT Asset Management Software - 4 VIZOR IT Asset Management Software - 5


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  • Autorizaciones basadas en roles
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  • CRM
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  • Comunicación multicanal
  • Configuración de flujos de trabajo
  • Conforme con HIPAA
  • Contabilidad de activos
  • Control de procesos de aprobación
  • Control/Acceso remoto
  • Controles o permisos de acceso
  • Creación de informes ad hoc
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  • Encuestas y comentarios
  • Enrutamiento automatizado
  • Escenarios hipotéticos
  • Etiquetado
  • Flujo de trabajo basado en reglas
  • Flujo de trabajo configurable
  • Formularios personalizables
  • Gestión de SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • Gestión de activos fijos
  • Gestión de adquisiciones
  • Gestión de aplicaciones
  • Gestión de asignaciones
  • Gestión de auditorías
  • Gestión de centros de atención telefónica
  • Gestión de comentarios
  • Gestión de configuración
  • Gestión de contratos o licencias
  • Gestión de correo electrónico
  • Gestión de documentos
  • Gestión de eliminaciones
  • Gestión de equipos
  • Gestión de expediciones
  • Gestión de flujos de trabajo
  • Gestión de incidentes
  • Gestión de instalaciones
  • Gestión de inventarios
  • Gestión de la amortización
  • Gestión de la asistencia técnica
  • Gestión de la base de conocimiento
  • Gestión de la conformidad
  • Gestión de licencia de software
  • Gestión de licencias
  • Gestión de pedidos de trabajo
  • Gestión de problemas
  • Gestión de problemas
  • Gestión de proveedores
  • Gestión de proveedores
  • Gestión de proyectos
  • Gestión de recursos
  • Gestión de recursos informáticos
  • Gestión de requisitos
  • Gestión de reservas
  • Gestión de suscripciones
  • Gestión de tareas
  • Gestión de tickets
  • Gestión de tickets de soporte
  • Gestión de usuarios
  • Gestión de versiones
  • Gestión de órdenes de compra
  • Gestión del cambio
  • Gestión del conocimiento
  • Gestión del mantenimiento
  • Herramientas de colaboración
  • Historial de cliente
  • Importación y exportación de datos
  • Informes personalizables
  • Informes planificados y automatizados
  • Integraciones de terceros
  • Integración de directorio activo
  • Lectura de código de barras/tickets
  • Macros y modelos de respuestas
  • Mantenimiento de equipos
  • Marketing por correo electrónico
  • Modelos personalizables
  • Monitorización y gestión remota
  • Métricas de rendimiento
  • Notificaciones en tiempo real
  • Panel de actividades
  • Panel de comunicaciones
  • Plantillas de correo electrónico
  • Portal de autoservicio
  • Portal de clientes
  • Previsión
  • Priorización
  • Problemas recurrentes
  • Programación de incidencias
  • Programación de tareas
  • Programación del mantenimiento
  • Proyecciones
  • Reconocimiento de códigos de barras
  • Recordatorios
  • Registro de auditoría
  • Registro de entrada y salida
  • Registro único
  • Registros de eventos
  • Seguimiento de actividades
  • Seguimiento de activos
  • Seguimiento de activos de TI
  • Seguimiento de costes
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  • Seguimiento de estado
  • Seguimiento de garantías
  • Seguimiento de interacciones
  • Seguimiento de inventario
  • Seguimiento de la conformidad
  • Seguimiento de problemas
  • Seguimiento de progreso de tareas
  • Seguimiento de tickets de soporte
  • Seguimiento de ubicación
  • Seguridad SSL
  • Sincronización de datos
  • Supervisión
  • Supervisión de redes
  • Varias ubicaciones
  • Visualización de datos
  • Widgets


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ITSM Evaluation of Vizor Helpdesk

Revisado el 27/9/2018

During our ITSM product evaluation this product ended up in the top-3, but eventually a different...

During our ITSM product evaluation this product ended up in the top-3, but eventually a different solution was chosen by our team. Anyhow a very valuable ITSM solution.

Puntos a favor

List of strong points:
Deep search and combining of search criteria. Very simple and compact user interface, not too fancy, just what it needs to be. Tree of smart drop down levels. Automatic reply by email from the system. Knowledge base for incident resolution. Possibility to link to sharepoint and oneNote. extensive list of reports.

Puntos en contra

It is not always very clear what is standard and what can be done via integration services from the Vizor company.

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Android (móvil), iPhone (móvil), iPad (móvil)

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Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Excel

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E-mail/Help Desk, Preguntas frecuentes/foro, Base de conocimientos, Asistencia telefónica, Aistencia 24/7, Chat

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