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Jobcan helps you manage employee work hours, leave, shifts, record keeping, and other operations across multiple locations. The platform enables you to create, schedule, and handle employee shifts patterns, overtime, and more for different departments and workgroups. Saber más sobre Jobcan Attendance Management
This software facilitates shift planning. Shift allocations are shown on a colored planning board. Multiple configurability streamlines operational adjustments. Workers can be arranged in groups, and shift types are freely definable. Saber más sobre Schichtplaner
With TASKBOSS you have an overview of all tasks in your company, plan projects precisely and leverage time tracking to create invoices in record time. Manage tasks, structure your projects and track time accurately?—?optimize your workflow with TASKBOSS to get the decisive advantage! Saber más sobre TASKBOSS
ORTEC Workforce Scheduling makes optimal use of limited resources to support businesses and scale up employee satisfaction. Saber más sobre ORTEC Workforce Scheduling
Eclipse is the first comprehensive management system for interpreting and caption service agencies and offices. Our intuitive and secure system improves the efficiency by which your staff, customers, and providers manage scheduling, service delivery, invoicing, payroll, on-boarding, and more! Saber más sobre Eclipse Scheduling
Brisk Table Employee Scheduling is an online scheduling software designed to help businesses in telecommunications, logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and hospitality sectors create, print, send, and manage rosters for staff members. Saber más sobre Brisk Table Employee Scheduling
GuniTime is Australia's simplest employee rostering app, shift planner, staff timesheet app, and workforce management solution. Saber más sobre GuniTime
Time management application designed for construction and associated services. It enables the collection the hours worked per task/site, for a simplified report to the HR and financial departments. Saber más sobre Digital Timesheets
Move with the times and automate the organization's workflow easily and quickly with a modern personnel planning tool. Saber más sobre TaskTime
BetterPlace HRMS is a platform to address the lifecycle of your blue-collar workforce in an organization Saber más sobre betterplace
StaffBridge is a workforce management software designed to help healthcare facilities and staffing agencies and streamline employee scheduling, timekeeping, and credential management operations via a unified platform. It enables organizations to capture and store workforce data in a centralized repository, conduct data analytics, and configure... Saber más sobre StaffBridge
HR4 is a full end-to-end workforce management suite including employee communication, engagement, directory, compliance, performance and compensation management apps. Saber más sobre HR4
AllPro is an all-in-one tool for project resource management dedicated to project-based companies. It includes a set of features covering all ends of the project management process: from allocating employees, to time tracking and resource operations, to managing all project-related data. Saber más sobre AllPro
Haltian Empathic Building is a solution for digital workplaces. Saves you time, provides more choice, is super easy to use, and helps you to be healthier. The Empathic Building digital twin guarantees a superb end-user experience and deliver the key data for operational excellence. Saber más sobre Haltian Empathic Building
Pace Scheduler is a cloud-based scheduling solution designed for police departments, municipalities, fire departments, and public transportation organizations. Organize and manage all day-to-day schedules from shift scheduling to time-off requests to daily assignments. Saber más sobre Pace Scheduler
A 100% automatic time tracking solution that eliminates wasted time in manual reporting, avoids errors, oversights or incomplete reports. Saber más sobre [email protected]
Cloud-based technology for end-to-end human capital management needs including payroll, time and labor management, HR, benefits administration, recruitment, performance management, and scheduling. The flexible and customizable system is built to grow with a company. Saber más sobre Centrally HR
Smarten Spaces is a hybrid workplace solution to connect businesses with workspaces for hybrid or digital employees. Companies can book desks or meeting rooms for employees and teams. It also supports visitor access management, consulting floor plans, dashboards, and space allocation reports. Saber más sobre Smarten Spaces Hybrid Workplace Software
Centralize care management tasks from the assessment through planning, service authorization, record management, and documentation. Saber más sobre MediSked Coordinate
ALO Presencia es una solución en la nube para la gestión del control horario y marcaje de los trabajadores. Opera desde terminales de identificación biométrica o apps compatibles con Android e iOS. Engloba geolocalización y gestión de días libres y cumple con la legislación del control de horarios. Saber más sobre ALO Presencia
Maak met Skednet eenvoudig werkroosters, registreer uren & bespaar kosten. Saber más sobre Skednet
WorkCEO is a Cloud, all-in-one, SaaS B2B Field Service Management (FSM) platform optimizing SMB Service Company Field Team Operations Saber más sobre WorkCEO
Cloud-based employee management system for businesses to manage employee schedules, create timesheets, schedule meetings, clock-in/out, and more. Saber más sobre Employee Manager
Personizer develops cloud-based HR tools for efficient time tracking and absence management. The user-friendly and fully integrable software solutions already support more than 500 small and medium-sized companies in digitizing their business processes. Saber más sobre Personizer
AI-powered software for shift planning and time tracking for the healthcare industry and other system-relevant branches. Saber más sobre Planerio
The complete employee management software for small and medium businesses: time & attendance, vacations and leave, payroll delivery, employees’ expenses and more. Saber más sobre Dipendenti in Cloud
W.E Matter offers employee engagement surveys with detailed insights, dashboards, customized solutions for organizations, employee performance, and engagement on the basis of a multigenerational model. Saber más sobre W.E Matter
Escala Plantões is a complete platform for planning and managing shift scales. Saber más sobre Escala Plantões
Get a panoramic view of your business with advanced and personalized reports on all exchanges, breaks, days off, overtime and the month's bank of hours. Saber más sobre Escala Jornadas
SynPlan uses advanced AI to analyse historical data to predict future sick-leave absence and budget spending. Reduce time spent planning and stay within budget efficiently. Saber más sobre SynPlan
Solvice building blocks make it easy to integrate optimization technology into any application. Saber más sobre Solvice
EXPERT provides entities with process automation solutions, contributing to operational efficiency, transparency, and commitment by staff members. Key features include time & leave tracking, overtime calculation, payroll & calendar management, employee scheduling & database, online time clock, etc. Saber más sobre EXPERT
ViQZ is an online platform that allows managers to schedule employees, directly communicate with them, and organize work-based internal e-courses or training courses. Employees can contact the organization and their colleagues via an iOS or Android employee app. Saber más sobre ViQZ
leavedays automates most of the management of work-times, leaves, and absence notifications. Employees can access the leavedays platform via a dedicated iOS or Android app. HR departments and management have 24/7 insights into workplace planning and staffing for their departments. Saber más sobre leavedays
MEP24web is a web-based software solution for pharmacies, clinics, practices, and other sectors like agencies, call centers, public utilities, museums, restaurants, and retail. Its main functions include employee scheduling, employee communication, and time tracking. Saber más sobre MEP24web
Smartplan supports small and midsized companies with optimizing and digitalizing their Workforce Management processes. We offer employee scheduling tools, precise time-tracking, overtime management, absence management, a communication platform, ESS and data exports for executing further analysis. Saber más sobre Smartplan
Online software - Scheduling for employees - agile planning of field teams - invoicing and billing. Saber más sobre Optillio
MAP.TIME from MAP.IT allows you to manage your resources using real-time project and billing information to deliver projects on time and on-budget. Saber más sobre MAP.TIME
Rillsoft Cloud is an employee scheduling software that helps businesses plan projects, manage documents, track employee time, set up access control, record sick leaves, and more from within a unified platform. It allows staff members to utilize the capacity planning module to determine resource requirements, identify bottlenecks, identify free... Saber más sobre Rillsoft Cloud
HQ Platform is a cloud-based human resource (HR) management solution designed for small to medium sized businesses across construction, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and other HVAC sectors. With the customizable dashboard and permissions-based access, users can easily view metrics related to financial data, attendance or events. Saber más sobre HQ Platform
MX-SmartScheduler is a powerful scheduling solution that enables companies to optimize and simplify their workforce management processes. Saber más sobre MX-SmartScheduler
NETPlanning is a web-based application that helps healthcare facilities easily manage their resources (i.e., personnel activities schedule, shifts, and absence). Saber más sobre NETPlanning
Verint Forecasting and Scheduling is a workforce management and contact center quality assurance solution that helps businesses manage shift swapping, track employee performance, handle capacity planning, and more from within a unified platform. Saber más sobre Verint Forecasting and Scheduling
Digital T cards is a visual management tool to optimize and streamline all processes and tasks. It allows users to keep track of their work digitally. Users can also access it anytime from anywhere. Faster data transmission, real-time information, and automated reports provide meaningful insights and helps increase efficiency. Saber más sobre T-Card
StaffNet is made with deskless and remote teams in mind. Employees can take work wherever they go. Avoid any hiccups and mixups by clearly defining the job within the scheduled event and employees can do the rest and get to work! Saber más sobre StaffNet
Online Rostering, Employee Time Clock & Timesheets that simplify time and attendance. Saber más sobre Urhere Online Rostering
CARGOES Rostering system is a well-planned workforce deployment system in logistics and supply chain. The product engineered by CARGOES By DP World, the DP World subsidiary itself, provides efficient logistics and supply chain services in India and worldwide. Saber más sobre CARGOES Rostering
Breik es un Software de Planificación de Turnos, lo hace de una forma sencilla e intuitiva. Incorpora normativa legal, es flexible, se integra con software de asistencia, con sistemas de demanda para evitar sobre o falta de personal en cada turno. Saber más sobre Breik
TimO® helps teams get work done more efficiently. Manage projects, organize tasks, appointments, resources, invoices and record working times - all in one place. Saber más sobre TimO
Square Shifts is an employee scheduling software with time tracking and shift management tools. It helps businesses simplify team scheduling with features such as schedule duplication, online time-off requests, shift swapping, and more. Employees can use the Square Team mobile app or Square POS registers to clock in/out of their shifts, which will... Saber más sobre Square Shifts

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