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Mr Wolf is a customer support automation system with machine learning and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) technology which supports the automation of business processes such as customer service, sales, accounting, finance, logistics, or IT Saber más sobre Mr Wolf
ConfirmKit is a user research platform that helps product organizations of all sizes to discover what their users really want. ConfirmKit helps product teams to conduct, analyze and store qualitative data from user interviews, highlight patterns / trends in data, and ultimately improve their product Saber más sobre ConfirmKit
Verascape es una solución basada en la nube que permite a los equipos de experiencia del cliente proporcionar una experiencia de autoservicio a los clientes para la resolución de problemas. Las empresas pueden proporcionar información de autoservicio como administración de beneficios, inventario, programas de fidelización, catálogo de productos y... Saber más sobre Verascape
BOTNATION AI es una solución de IA conversacional basada en la nube diseñada para ayudar a las empresas a lanzar y administrar chatbots para sitios web y páginas de Facebook. Con el motor de recomendación de palabras clave, los usuarios pueden buscar y analizar palabras clave y frases de interacciones de los clientes en múltiples campañas... Saber más sobre BOTNATION AI
OMQ is a suite of cloud-based, artificial intelligence (AI) powered customer service solutions which offer businesses the tools to create custom knowledge bases and dynamic FAQs to encourage customer self service. The platform also automates processes such as ticketing and message response Saber más sobre OMQ
SAP Service Cloud is a customer support software that helps businesses leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to resolve clients’ queries on a centralized platform. Managers can examine incoming service tickets, sort them into relevant categories, and assign tasks to available agents. Saber más sobre SAP Service Cloud
timum is a web-based software, which is used to coordinate real estate sector appointments. The timum calendar can be integrated into ImmobilienScout24 and users can configure the times at which a particular property can be viewed. Saber más sobre Timum
We streamline, automate and track inbound and outbound communication efforts between organizations and their customers. Saber más sobre Saysimple
CSAT.AI is a CX platform that train agents, reviews interactions and digs deep into your CX – Automated with AI. The system provides a higher first contact resolution rate, increases CSAT scores, and reduce QA and agent training costs. Saber más sobre CSAT.AI
Early warning system that helps businesses leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology to provide customer support teams with actionable insights and automation, enabling them to increase upsells and enhance customer experience. Saber más sobre involve.ai
Gallabox empowers businesses to convert customer conversations into actions by employing WhatsApp Chatbots Saber más sobre Gallabox
Relish AI chatbot is a conversational AI-powered chatbot that automates conversations, reduces response time, delivers personalized attention, instant answers and helps reduce cart abandonment while improving store conversions and customer satisfaction. Saber más sobre Relish AI
Levity facilitates process automation with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The platform is specifically designed for time-consuming tasks that require manual labor, such as categorizing digital data. Saber más sobre Levity
Provide outstanding online customer service experiences with Mobile Service Cloud. Work together efficiently in one Agent Inbox and engage with your customers via all channels. Boost efficiency, increase productivity, and improve your online customer service with this easy-to-use software solution. Saber más sobre Mobile Service Cloud
OneChat es una solución todo en uno para las comunicaciones con los clientes. Saber más sobre OneChat
Zowie es un paquete de herramientas de asistencia al cliente para empresas que venden online. La plataforma ofrece análisis gratuito del potencial de automatización, bandeja de entrada omnicanal y diversas integraciones con herramientas como Shopify, Magento, Klaviyo, Zapier y otras. Saber más sobre Zowie
VisiRule is a LowCode NoCode visual authoring package which offers a simple and familiar flow charting interface for drawing the logic underpinning the business decisions. Saber más sobre VisiRule
HGS Contact Center AI offers cloud-based contact center tools that help streamline processes, improve agent performance, and optimize the hiring & onboarding framework. With HGS Contact Center AI, you pay for only the features your business needs. Schedule a free demo to learn more. Saber más sobre HGS Agent X
SOGEDES.X is an omnichannel cloud solution for inbound, outbound, and blended contact centers. The solution enables companies to inspire customers across channels and to manage customer relationships easily and effectively. Saber más sobre SOGEDES.X
Infraon Desk is an integrated Pink Elephant-certified platform that unifies multiple IT/business teams to streamline and accelerate the IT service management lifecycle. With real-time event detection and ticket management, it offers a single dashboard to deliver ITSM excellence. Saber más sobre Infraon Desk
Let your customer support be available 24/7 with Conversational AI Cloud. Boost your efficiency and become more productive as an customer service team by building your own advanced virtual assistants such as AI chatbots, voicebots, and much more, and automating what can be automated. Saber más sobre Conversational AI Cloud
Workflow enables self-guided assistance for your frontline workers to streamline your operations with higher work accuracy and safety. Saber más sobre VSight Workflow
Plutomen Connect is a robust AR-led assistance software through which frontline workers can collaborate with global experts through video sessions, chats, and calls . Saber más sobre Plutomen Connect
Sirius is a Conversational AI platform that delivers real-time support through natural language. The solution helps reduce repetitive inquiries, improve customer experience and minimize operational time with automated self-serve chatbots and smart virtual agents. Saber más sobre Sirius
Are you looking for a way to engage your visitors and build engaging conversations without having to code? Then you need to check out Conferbot! Saber más sobre Conferbot

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