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22 opciones de software

Parting Pro es una solución de gestión empresarial basada en la nube que ayuda a las empresas del sector de la cremación a gestionar pagos online, revisiones, firmas electrónicas, formularios y más. Permite a los usuarios generar propuestas y enviar automáticamente correos electrónicos de seguimiento para mejorar la fidelización del cliente. Saber más sobre Parting Pro
Osiris es una solución basada en la nube y diseñada para ayudar a funerarias, cementerios y crematorios a gestionar sus procedimientos y organizar reuniones. Sus principales funciones incluyen programación de recursos, procesamiento de pagos con tarjeta de crédito, gestión de órdenes de trabajo, generación de formularios personalizados y creación... Saber más sobre Osiris
PlotBox es una solución de software funerario para operadores de cementerios, crematorios y directores funerarios que centraliza en la nube la gestión de registros, contratos y parcelas de enterramiento. Vincula los datos a mapas geográficos e integra módulos de portal público, CRM y creación de informes. Saber más sobre Plotbox
TerraPro is an on-premise and cloud-based software designed to help funeral homes handle various administrative operations, such as case management, event scheduling, and more. Administrators can create new case files with details such as location, date of death, and informants’ contact details. Saber más sobre TerraPro
The Professional Programs is a funeral management suite designed to help streamline accounting, bookkeeping, preneed arrangement, and service workflows across funeral homes and mortuaries. It includes several modules including LedgerPRO, A/R PRO, P/N PRO, and PrintPRO which are available as stand-alone applications or as a part of the suite. Saber más sobre The Professional Programs
Obit is the complete funeral management web application designed in partnership with funeral directors to cover your every need. Saber más sobre Obit
Nexus helps companies manage the necessary administrative and financial tasks of running a death care facility. Saber más sobre Nexus
Cemify is a cloud-based cemetery records management software designed to digitize cemetery mapping, work orders, plot owner & burial records, and more. The solution also provides a public gravesite lookup, with cemetery owners given full control over which information is made available publicly. Saber más sobre Cemify
eFD from Seker is the natural choice for independent funeral directors seeking to streamline their funeral home management. Saber más sobre eFD
Passare is a cloud-based funeral home software, which helps funeral service providers collaborate with families and plan arrangements even from remote locations. The application enables directors to create, automatically populate, and print memorial items, government forms, contracts, receipts, and statements. Saber más sobre Passare
With Gather's cloud-based funeral home software, you can simplify your case management, collaborate with families, work from anywhere, live stream your services, and boost your business's reputation within your community. Saber más sobre Gather
Tribute Center, software de personalización de servicios funerarios que crea videos de tributos, impresiones personalizadas y transmisiones en vivo o demoradas. Frazer Consultants es una empresa líder en personalización y tecnología dentro del sector funerario. Saber más sobre Tribute Center
Alamida’s software package for undertakers facilitates the recording of death information, which is then stored on a PC hard disk. The program also handles the migration of data from third-party software. It is designed for both single users and multi-user management. Saber más sobre ALAMIDA
RUHE SANFT is a funeral management software designed for funeral directors to handle the necessary tasks and phases associated with funerals. It includes a complete word processing program that makes it possible to create letters for correspondence with public authorities directly from the program. Saber más sobre RUHE SANFT
PowerOrdo offers a complete solution for funeral directors and undertakers. It is designed for both small and large companies and allows data to be collected from and shared with third-party providers such as factoring services. Saber más sobre PowerOrdo
Pacemo is a web-based undertaker software designed to help organizations manage industry-relevant tasks. A digital counseling folder, a memorial card editor, and a death management system are available for this purpose. The application also helps with billing. Saber más sobre Pacemo
Funeral Office is a funeral service management software package. It has an integrated cashbook and more than 700 ready-made layouts for memorial printing. There are also functions to help create invoices and forms and to support scheduling. Saber más sobre Funeral Office
byondcloud is an online marketplace providing death care businesses with the tools to build their their digital presence. Saber más sobre byondcloud
AsisFun is a software that simplifies and optimizes administrative and operational procedures of funeral companies, achieving greater efficiency and control of information through systematic processes that allow obtaining consolidated data in a clear and precise way. Saber más sobre AsisFun
Memcare es un software de gestión de funerales basado en la nube que ha sido diseñado para ayudar a las funerarias a ofrecer una solución fácil de usar para quienes están de duelo. Saber más sobre Memcare
Beloved Pet Software is a pet cremation tracking solution that allows funeral homes and crematories the chance to connect directly and more deeply with pet parents, providing an option for eCommerce which is a new revenue stream directly to the crematory. Saber más sobre Beloved Pet Software

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