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Database management and data backup software
Redis Enterprise is a cloud-based and on-premise database management software that helps businesses in finance, retail, and healthcare industries handle operations related to automatic failover management, data processing, caching, data persistence, and more on a centralized platform. Saber más sobre Redis Enterprise
Database management tool for healthcare & finance businesses
GraphDB is a database management software designed to help businesses index data to facilitate semantic search and create knowledge graphs by conducting text analysis. The integrated NoSQL database system allows IT professionals to automate querying and storage of structured and unstructured data. Saber más sobre GraphDB
Talend es uno de los principales software en integridad de datos e integración de datos en la nube.
Talend Data Fabric ofrece un único conjunto de aplicaciones para ayudar a las empresas a recopilar, gestionar, transformar y compartir datos, lo que permite a los usuarios acortar el tiempo hasta la obtención de datos confiables. Más de 4250 organizaciones de todo el mundo han elegido Talend porque les permite convertir todos sus datos sin... Saber más sobre Talend Data Fabric
Web-based database management & self-service data analytics
DBHawk is a database management & data analytics tool. DBHawk provides secure access to data hosted in-cloud or on premises. Saber más sobre DBHawk
NoSQL cloud database management system
Couchbase Server is a distributed NoSQL cloud database management system designed to help organizations across IT, energy, healthcare, finance, and various other industries store, manage, and retrieve data for various deployments. Saber más sobre Couchbase Server
Integrated NoSQL database for data storage and management
MarkLogic is an on-premise and cloud-based data management software that helps businesses utilize operational and transactional NoSQL databases to integrate, store, and access data. It enables supervisors to collect information from multiple sources and index them for query and search purposes. Saber más sobre MarkLogic
On-premise and cloud-based NoSQL database platform
Aerospike is a cloud-based and on-premise NoSQL database platform designed to help enterprises in eCommerce, retail, online gaming, telecommunications, and advertising sectors streamline multi-site clustering, cross datacenter replication, and load balancing, among other processes. Saber más sobre Aerospike
Key-value & document database for mobile, web & gaming apps
Amazon DynamoDB is a NoSQL database service, which helps businesses manage administrative workloads with its built-in security, data backup, recovery, and in-memory caching capabilities. The platform assists users with hardware provisioning, data replication, setup and configuration, and more. Saber más sobre Amazon DynamoDB
Open-source NoSQL database management solution
Riak KV is an open-source NoSQL database solution designed to help businesses control, replicate, retrieve and distribute data across multiple servers. It includes Riak Control, which allows users to inspect and manage the health, nodes, associated rings and memory consumption for each cluster. Saber más sobre Riak KV
Database management engine for healthcare & public sector
Caché is a database management engine designed to help businesses in financial, banking, healthcare and public sectors develop and deploy web applications. Users can utilize enterprises' critical systems to manipulate, analyze, and store historical and transactional data in required forms. Saber más sobre Caché
Potencia aplicaciones en tiempo real con latencia de menos de milisegundos.
Amazon ElastiCache, compatible con Redis y Memcached, es un servicio web que ayuda a las empresas a implementar y administrar las tiendas de datos en memoria distribuidas y el entorno de caché en la nube. La plataforma permite que los administradores automaticen diversas tareas, como el aprovisionamiento de hardware, la aplicación de parches de... Saber más sobre Amazon ElastiCache
Database management, document storage and search engine tool
ArangoDB is a cloud-based and on-premise software that helps developers, architects, and data scientists map data, design architectures, conduct search operations, and more. Staff members can define hierarchical branches, configure satellite graphs, and create vertex-centric indices. Saber más sobre ArangoDB
NoSQL database service for application development
Azure Cosmos DB is a managed NoSQL database service designed to help organizations streamline business continuity by maintaining turnkey multi-master replication, security, and compliance through access control and end-to-end encryption capabilities. Saber más sobre Azure Cosmos DB
Open-source NoSQL database management software
Infinispan is a NoSQL database management software that helps businesses define memory usage to store data in multiple data containers. The open-source solution allows teams to process and distribute data across clusters of servers in a unified interface. Saber más sobre Infinispan
Database management software for designing web & mobile apps
Oracle NoSQL Database helps developers design web and mobile applications using key-value, document, and columnar databases. The platform enables users to run applications on Oracle cloud, on-premises, or other external cloud environments. Saber más sobre Oracle NoSQL Database
NoSQL database tool for handling queries & data processing
RavenDB is an open-source NoSQL database software which helps businesses streamline multi-document ACID transactions and facilitate ETL operations. It enables IT professionals to index documents to facilitate semantic search, analyze text and spatial data, and automate data transformation processes. Saber más sobre RavenDB