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3D design tools for AEC professionals and interior designers
SketchUp’s design and collaboration software streamline AEC and interior design workflows. Its intuitive 3D modeler allows users to visualize projects quickly, while its 2D documentation and AR/VR viewing applications keep stakeholders aligned throughout the design-build process. Saber más sobre SketchUp
Cloud-based tool for engineering simulation and 3D designing
Ansys is a 3D design software that can be utilized by businesses across several industry segments, including automotive, aerospace, construction & consumer goods. Organizations can manage processes related to workflow automation, predictive analysis, application customization, and product testing. Saber más sobre Ansys
Plataforma de colaboración y CAD 3D en la nube para diseñadores
Fusion 360 by Autodesk es una herramienta 3D CAD, CAM y CAE que combina diseño industrial y mecánico, simulación, colaboración y mecanizado para conectar todo el proceso de desarrollo de productos en un conjunto de herramientas integrado desde el concepto hasta la producción. Saber más sobre Fusion 360
Simulación basada en la nube de CFD, FEA e ingeniería térmica
SimScale es una plataforma de ingeniería asistida por computadora (CAE) totalmente basada en la nube que realiza simulación CFD, FAE y termodinámica en modelos CAD dentro del navegador. Saber más sobre SimScale
Diseño y simulación en 3D
Solid Edge de Siemens proporciona a las empresas un conjunto de herramientas de modelado y simulación para abordar todos los aspectos del proceso de desarrollo de productos. La cartera de software cubre diseño eléctrico, diseño 3D, CAM (fabricación asistida por computadora, por sus siglas en inglés), impresión 3D, simulación, gestión de datos y... Saber más sobre Solid Edge
Web-based 3D CAD software for educational institutions
Tinkercad is a web-based 3D CAD software that enables educational institutes to offer constructive solid geometry courses across K-12 school grades. It allows students to create 3D designs and program, simulate, and assemble electric circuits. Saber más sobre Tinkercad
Aplicación de modelado CAD 3D para iPad
Shapr3D es una aplicación CAD 3D que permite a las empresas de ingeniería y arquitectura crear modelos geométricos en superficies de autointersección mediante cálculos complejos. Compatible con iPad y Apple Pencil, permite a los diseñadores ajustar, guiar y completar automáticamente las formas en una cuadrícula personalizable. Saber más sobre Shapr3D
The modern CAD software alternative
BricsCAD the first all-in-one CAD design software in .dwg that answers all your needs; 2D drafting, 3D modeling, BIM, and mechanical design. Saber más sobre BricsCAD
Cloud-based 3D tour creator for businesses of all sizes
Cupix is a cloud-based solution designed to help photographers, real estate agents, architects, and engineers create 3D tours. The platform enables users to blur unwanted image areas, adjust color tones and publish virtual tours to Google Maps. Saber más sobre Cupix
CAD solution for automated shape optimization
CAESES is a CAD modeler designed for businesses in automotive, marine and aerospace industries, helping users optimize shapes and create models for simulation-driven design operations. Key features include mesh morphing, parametric 2D sketching, structural analysis, and custom templates. Saber más sobre CAESES
Interior decoration software for creating 2D & 3D designs
InnoPlanner is a cloud-based CAD software designed to help designers, architects, dealers, retailers and manufacturers create 2D and 3D designs. The catalog content management system (CCMS) enables users to maintain custom catalogs/documents & publish, as well as update, products in real-time. Saber más sobre InnoPlanner
Simuladores de RA/RV y 3D basados en la nube para formación.
PaleBlue es una solución basada en la nube que ayuda a las empresas de todos los tamaños a administrar sus procesos de formación y agilizar los flujos de trabajo con realidad aumentada, realidad virtual y simulaciones 3D. Los usuarios pueden importar modelos 3D de múltiples fuentes de CAD para optimizar automáticamente los diseños. Saber más sobre PaleBlue
3D designing & rendering solution
solidThinking Evolve is a 3D hybrid modeling and rendering solution designed for small to large organizations in fashion, environment, transportation, packaging, and consumer goods industries. Key features include organic surface modeling, data visualization, image capture, and file import/export. Saber más sobre solidThinking Evolve
On-premise and open-source 3D printing tool
Slic3r is an on-premise and open-source 3D printing tool, which helps designers convert 3D models into G-code, manage configurations, print colored objects, and more whilst supporting multiple layers with different parameters. It enables users to rotate, or arrange objects on drag-and-drop interface Saber más sobre Slic3r
3D computer aided design (CAD) and modeling software
SelfCAD is a computer aided design software, which helps businesses create and render 3D drawings on a unified platform. The 3D modeling system allows designers to modify the resolution of objects or their specific regions and split the drawing into equal quads or triangles. Saber más sobre SelfCAD
Video making and editing software for filmmakers
Red Giant Complete is a video making and editing software that helps filmmakers and motion designers create 3D animations, add lens distortion effects, manage color corrections, create shadows, and more on a centralized platform. It allows team members to track and maintain an editing history. Saber más sobre Red Giant Complete
3D product visualization and configuration platform
Roomle is a mobile and web-based platform which helps businesses in retail and real estate industries with home interior and product design visualizations in 2D, 3D and augmented reality. Key features include floor planning, product customization, while labeling, and catalog creation. Saber más sobre Roomle
Constructible MEP model design for Revit
Trimble SysQue is a MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) design solution that allows designers & contractors to create constructible models in Autodesk Revit using real-world, manufacturing-specific content. The software lets multiple stakeholders collaborate on LOD400 models for multiple systems. Saber más sobre Trimble SysQue
3D CAD software for preparing three dimensional models
Ultimaker Cura Enterprise is an open-source software that helps businesses automate workflows for 3D printers, as well as control one or more 3D printers. Using the standard profiles and the integration of CAD software, the preparation of the print work can be completed in real-time. Saber más sobre Ultimaker Cura Enterprise
3D CAD solution for small to midsize businesses
3D CAD Automation is a cloud-based solution which helps businesses provide staff training for designing, as well as developing engineer-to-order (ETO), configure-to-order (CTO), standard, and one-off products. Saber más sobre 3D CAD Automation
BIM collaborative platform for the construction industry.
WIZZCAD is a cloud-based BIM collaborative platform designed to help small to large organizations in the construction industry plan, build and maintain on-field projects in 3D. Key features include data modeling, remote access, secure data storage, performance analysis, and productivity tracking. Saber más sobre WIZZCAD
3D CAD geometric search engine
Physna is a geometric search engine system which helps businesses in design, manufacturing, and healthcare industries search, dissect, analyze, and develop 3D models. Key features include issue tracking, structural analysis, meshing, version control, and price management. Saber más sobre Physna
3D CAD modeling solution for businesses of all sizes
SolidFace is a cloud-based CAD modeling solution which helps businesses in the architectural, engineering and construction industries design models with 3D & 2D visuals. Key features include configuration management, data import, multi-part parametric assemblies, and in-context editing. Saber más sobre SolidFace
AI-powered electrical engineering solution
Celus is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered electrical engineering solution that generates schematics, PCB layouts, and embedded software automatically. The software automates module and parts selection, PCB design, schematics development, hardware-related software development, and more. Saber más sobre Celus
3D CAD software with modeling, texturing and sculpting tools
Modo is a 3D CAD software designed to help educational institutions and enterprises create content and develop ideas using various 3D texturing, modeling, rendering, and built-in sculpting tools. Artists can utilize a drag-and-drop interface to apply presets to materials or designs. Saber más sobre Modo
3D visualization & documentation tool for PCB manufacturers
CAM350 is a 3D visualization and documentation software that helps PCB manufacturers analyze, verify, and optimize designs for fabrication processes. The 3D rendering tool enables staff members to define and depict material thickness and other attributes across artwork and construction layers. Saber más sobre CAM350
3D and 2D chemical drawing & publishing software
ChemDoodle is a web-based & on-premise chemical drawing and publishing software, which helps educational institutions build 2D and 3D molecular structures for demonstration purposes. Features include gamma correction, parallel processing, atom typing, file saving options, and predefined templates. Saber más sobre ChemDoodle