A continuación te presentamos nuestra lista de aplicaciones para Herramientas de aprendizaje profundo. Los filtros te ayudarán a acotar los resultados para que encuentres exactamente lo que estás buscando.

20 opciones de software

Amplifire is an adaptive eLearning platform that detects and corrects misinformation and knowledge gaps that can lead to errors. Saber más sobre Amplifire
Cauliflower is a customer feedback analysis tool that uses AI to provide actionable insights on customer feedback, for CX & product teams, marketeers and consultants. Saber más sobre Cauliflower
Build artificial intelligence models using neural networks to discover relationships, recognize patterns and make predictions in just a few clicks. Saber más sobre Neural Designer
Valohai is a private deep learning management platform that helps enterprises to automate their deep learning infrastructure. The platform enables data scientists to manage machine orchestration, pipelines, and version control automation, with data visualization & real-time monitoring. Saber más sobre Valohai
Appen is an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled platform designed to help businesses across information technology (IT), automotive, retail, healthcare, and other industries access training data to deploy applications. It enables employees to streamline natural language processing (NLP), speech analysis, and data extraction operations via a... Saber más sobre Appen
The Lityx platform, LityxIQ, delivers simplified AI for organizations of any size, offering true decision intelligence at all points of an enterprise in a no-code environment. LityxIQ combines automated machine learning with mathematical optimization in a single platform to automate decision-making. Saber más sobre Lityx
DataRobot is an automated machine learning platform enabling businesses to build and deploy machine learning models and create advanced AI applications with AI and ML experts. The platform captures best practices and safeguards to accelerate and scale new and existing data science capabilities. Saber más sobre DataRobot
Thinkzoom is a learning management software that helps organizations to create groups, build courses, generate user reports, track progress, and more on a centralized platform. It allows trainers to utilize the course authoring tool to record video lessons with voice narrations and screen captures. Saber más sobre Thinkzoom
cnvrg.io is a data science platform, which helps businesses across industries including finance, healthcare, media, IT, aerospace, and automobile build, automate, and manage the entire machine learning (ML) lifecycle, from research to deployment Saber más sobre cnvrg.io
OTO es una API de análisis de voz y tecnología de inteligencia de voz con IA que analiza el sentimiento del cliente a través de su tono de voz. La plataforma, que ayuda a comprender y aprovechar los datos de voz, es útil para centros de atención telefónica, proveedores de atención médica, proveedores de tecnología doméstica y desarrolladores de... Saber más sobre OTO
Dataloop is an image and video annotation platform designed to help businesses in retail, robotics, media, agriculture, and other industries generate training datasets, manage data workflows, and run production models to accelerate vision AI. Saber más sobre Dataloop
MLS is a cloud-based learning management system, which helps enterprises provide context-based information to mechanical engineers and train them using a combination of individual practical and targeted self-learning methods. Saber más sobre MLS
Redhero Group combina tecnología con inteligencia de marketing, ventas y psicología para crear experiencias de formación corporativa atractivas que miden la habilidad, el conocimiento y los niveles de rendimiento de los empleados en tiempo real. Todo ello se evalúa en función de objetivos empresariales ambiciosos, proporcionando informes detallados... Saber más sobre Redhero Group
DATAGYM es una plataforma de capacitación de aprendizaje automático impulsada por inteligencia artificial, para científicos de datos e ingenieros de aprendizaje automático. Permite a los usuarios crear, etiquetar, hacer anotaciones y exportar grandes volúmenes de datos e imágenes para desarrollar modelos de visión informatizados y desarrollar... Saber más sobre DataGym
MVISIA is a deep learning tool designed to help businesses program computer vision and machine learning solutions. The platform helps teams connect with different types of cameras such as IP, USB, and CCTV to automate monitoring of visual processes. Saber más sobre ESOS
Artificial Intelligence Assisted Management (A.I.A.M) solution from raw data to smart operations, to do better with less. The system provides SLA monitoring, skills development, lean management, business process automation, and resources sizing and allocation. Saber más sobre Datapole
amberSearch is an intelligent enterprise search engine combining the knowledge of all data sources within your company Saber más sobre amberSearch
Maple manages mathematical needs and allows calculations to be treated like like the valuable assets they are. Saber más sobre Maple
Maple Flow combines a simple, freeform interface and a math engine. Saber más sobre Maple Flow
Pachyderm is the data layer that allows data science teams to productionize and scale their machine learning lifecycle with data driven automation, petabyte scalability and end-to-end reproducibility. Saber más sobre Pachyderm

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