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Software online fácil de usar. Muy poderoso y modular, incluye programación, control de horas, seguimiento de certificaciones, correo electrónico/mensajes de texto, formularios online, seguimiento de equipos, seguimiento de clases de capacitación, documentos online y mucho más. Creado específicamente para EMS, bomberos y policía. Saber más sobre eSchedule
Rescue Hub es una solución de capacitación integrada y diseñada para ayudar a los departamentos de bomberos a gestionar todos los requisitos de capacitación en una plataforma unificada. Los administradores pueden utilizar la plataforma para crear programas personalizados de capacitación de servicios contra incendios, programar sesiones o tareas... Saber más sobre Rescue Hub
Fire & EMS Asset Tracking application serving fire departments, ambulance companies and other EMS based entities needing a budget friendly asset tracking web app. Saber más sobre PharmLogs
The intuitive Practice Management software that facilitates your medical practice. Used by groups of Consultants, Secretaries, and Billing companies alongside individual businesses. Cloud-Based and Mobile optimised with integrations and features to assist daily functions and efficiency. Saber más sobre MidexPRO
The Fire Package, de Emergency Reporting, es un software modular para la gestión de bomberos que permite a los usuarios rastrear, gestionar y analizar lo que está sucediendo dentro de su estación de bomberos. La solución cuenta con 16 módulos para operaciones diarias que incluyen informes de NFIRS, ocupación, turnos, entrenamiento y más. Saber más sobre Emergency Reporting
ESO Scheduling es un software de planificación de personal basado en la web que permite a los hospitales y a las agencias de EMS (servicios de emergencias médicas, por sus siglas en inglés) gestionar los turnos, el tiempo libre, los intercambios, la nómina y más detalles de los empleados en una plataforma centralizada. Saber más sobre ESO Scheduling
Catapult EMS is a part of the CatapultK12 integrated suite. Our fully integrated communication solution arms you with automatic emergency alert notifications, real-time student accountability and parent emergency notifications that keeps everyone aware, connected and secure. Saber más sobre CatapultEMS
Schedule meetings and events, maximizing the utilization of rooms and other resources, across any distance Saber más sobre EMS
Upgrade Narcotic tracking and compliance. PSTrax is the leading system for Fire & EMS checks and logistics management. Track vehicle, equipment, inventory, and controlled substance checks in one place. Saber más sobre PSTrax
Operative IQ is an operations management solution for EMS, law enforcement, fire services, veterinary clinics, hospitals, and educational programs, which provides features such as fleet management, billable items tracking, communication management, complaint monitoring, daily reports, fuel management, communication management, controlled substance... Saber más sobre Operative IQ
Employee scheduling and workforce management software for various industries including EMS, fire/rescue, law enforcement, communications, and healthcare Saber más sobre Aladtec
FirstResponse911 is an EMS software that helps ambulance providers, towing companies, utility organizations, fire departments, and other emergency call center responders manage incidents, dispatch processes, call data transfers, and more on a centralized platform. It allows staff members to create, update, and share incident reports in real-time... Saber más sobre FirstResponse911
VCS is a workforce management platform, which helps municipalities, law enforcement agencies, and police or fire departments create and schedule work requests for employees. Features include reminders, time clock, real-time updates, employee availability tracking, and reporting. Saber más sobre VCS
Online inventory management system with intuitive location mapping and product visualization for inventory items. Saber más sobre CyberStockroom
First Due is an incident management solution designed to help Fire and EMS agencies pre-plan, manage and streamline fire prevention, NFIRS & ePCR, personnel scheduling, and incident response. operations. Key features include inspections, mobile response, community engagement, asset management and more. Saber más sobre First Due
TripSpark NEMT is a cloud-based non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) solution for NEMT providers, brokers, and healthcare organizations which offers scheduling tools, notifications, driver mobile apps, and more Saber más sobre TripSpark NEMT
AngelTrack is EMS and fire station software that can be used on desktops and mobile devices. It provides a vertically-integrated dispatch system accessible from anywhere. It is NEMSIS-certified and NFIRS-listed, with dispatch, PCR, billing, HR, timeclock, checklists, inspections, and much more. Saber más sobre AngelTrack
ESO Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a cloud-based software designed to help EMS agencies generate clinical documentation and improve patient care decisions in real-time using treatment guides or reference information. Saber más sobre ESO Solutions Electronic Health Record Software (EHR)
iOps360 is an EMS software that helps businesses manage scheduling, time-off requests, surveys, vehicle tracking, inventory, work orders, and more from within a unified platform. It allows staff members to maintain an asset database with details, such as serial number, model, make, service records, repair history, and more. Saber más sobre iOps360
Be it a hospital or a private practice, MediFusion is an all-in-one medical billing solution for all healthcare systems. Our integrated software is adaptive to all specialties as our knowledgeable team of experts has served many specialty-specific providers all around the United States. Saber más sobre MediFusion
iPCR is an electronic health records (EHR) software designed to help EMS and fire crew generate, share and manage patient reports. The application allows paramedics to record details of symptoms, provided treatments, or narrative calls, and prepare a single page ePCR on a centralized interface. Saber más sobre iPCR
Geoteamz City is a collaboration platform designed to help city, county, state, and federal government agencies and departments in the United States address various citywide problems. It enables organizations to communicate with police, utilities, fire, public works, and other departments, manage incidents, and track equipment via a unified portal. Saber más sobre respond+
Rave 911 Suite provides 9-1-1 teams, first responders and emergency managers powerful capabilities for handling, dispatching and responding to emergencies more efficiently and effectively. Saber más sobre Rave 911 Suite
Tobi Cloud is one of the leading NEMT software for managing scheduling, routing, driver management, billing and invoicing, dispatch management, and other operations. It doesn’t matter whether you are a large enterprise or a new start-up, Tobi Cloud can be tailored to meet all your NEMT Transportation needs. Saber más sobre Tobi Cloud
Falkondata Interoperability connects user's LIMs or EHR to theirs billing system, automates the flow of orders and results. Saber más sobre Falkondata Interoperability
Rides to Health is a medical transportation platform that helps healthcare organizations centralize patient communication, funding and more. Saber más sobre Rides To Health
Unified Solutions is a cloud-based EMS and Fire solution that helps businesses with patient charting, billing, transport scheduling, asset as well as inventory management, and more. Saber más sobre Unified Solutions

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